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Hikone Castle | Biwako Lake | Tribute to my first city in Japan.【Travel Japan】

Hikone is a beautiful city on the shores of lake Biwako, Largest lake in Japan. It has a castle , garden and museum. Our home for 5 months, time spent in Hikone was memorable. Learned Japanese, Ikebana, Shodo, Rosewindow. Thanks to all my friends who made my stay in Hikone a memorable one .

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Hikone Castle is a Japanese castle located in Kaname Town, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

One of the temples that was designated as a national treasure. Another name “Kaname castle.”

Tenjou of the Chalkyama Formation still boasts a noble appearance still in the castle, important cultural assets such as the scales turret and the drum giant turret existed in addition to the treasure of the national treasure inside the castle, and the seasonal emotions such as cherry blossoms, fresh green, autumn leaves, snow scenery I feel it.

Mr. Naotaka who is a child of naomasa Ii began building the castle in 1604, completing it with 20 years to spare by helping the 12 daimyo names of seven countries. After that, Mr. Ii became the castle of the past.

Fortunately, because it was escaped from demolition, we left a lot of remains, including three layers of treasure troops. I skillfully used the water of Lake Biwa at the moat, and was used for boating at the Ii family. Hirayama castle.

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