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【Guide to Japan 1min】Asakusa Tokyo (浅草 東京 浅草寺)~For your travel. Tokyo and Kyoto, others.~【Travel Japan】

Guide to Japan
1.Sensoji temple (浅草寺)
One of most famous and traditional temple in Tokyo. You can buy souvenirs, Japanese toys and sweet, original goods. There is a big shopping street called “Nakamise Street “(仲見世通り).
A vehicle carried by a human. It’s like a taxi.
3.Japanese festival
We call it “Masturi”(祭り)
Some musicians sound Japanese music by “Taiko”(太鼓), japanese drum.

【Guide to Japan 1min】Ikebukuro Tokyo Beautiful Night
~This movie promote speciality and originality of Japan. I proposal good spots for travelers you can feel the goodness of Japan.~
~Japan has much awesome places, city and building, foods,culture. I hope you can enjoy Japan by the movies.~
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Asakusa is a town in Taito-ku, Tokyo.
It is one of the areas that constitutes the downtown of Edo / Tokyo, covering the east half of Taito-ku, Tokyo. Asakusa forms the outline of Tokyo downtown, alongside Shimodani, Honkyu and Shenzhen.
It has flourished as one of the downtown areas since the Edo period.
There is a distinctive shopping area dealing with cooking utensils related items used in the kitchen in the Kappabashi station, which is the border between the west end of the Asakusa area and the Shimotani area. A wholesale area is spreading in the southern part of the Asakusa region.

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