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Touring Vineyards in Kofu, Yamanashi Japan【Travel Japan】

Touring Vineyards in Kofu, Yamanashi Japan

Kofu city is located in the prefecture’s prefectural capital located in central Yamanashi prefecture.

The city area has traversed the center of Yamanashi prefecture north and south in a crescent shape, and the city center is located near the northernmost of the Kofu basin.

As tourist attractions, Takeda Shrine, the festival of Shinken gates with strange rocks at the cliffs of the Kofu area and Takeda Shingen of Warring States era, and Kai Zenkoji of the important cultural assets of the country are famous.

In the Kai city area there are also wineries made by cultivating grapes, and tasting is also possible.

Kofu Yumura Hot Spring also has 12 sources and is a town full of hot spring emotions.

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