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Kagoshima Japan 1 Minute Travel Kakeroma【Travel Japan】

鹿児島 奄美大島 加計呂麻(Amami-Oshima kakeroma)
2016年7月4日 32° PM18:26〜PM19:54
緯度経度情報 28.190252,129.199761

Kagoshima prefecture is the prefecture of Japan located in the southern part of Kyushu district. On the south side of Kyushu Island islands are scattered. There are many sightseeing spots using nature.

There are Yakushima of World Heritage, Tanegashima Space Center, Kirishimayama, Sakurajima, etc., and have plentiful resources in terms of nature, culture, tourism, industry and others.

Sakurajima, which is a symbolic existence of Kagoshima, is famous worldwide as the towering volcano rising from the ocean, and many tourists visit from home and abroad.

Also, in Yakushima’s Shiratani Kurosui Gorge and Amami Oshima’s mangrove forest you can enjoy the mysterious beauty, so once you want to visit by travel.

It is also recommended to visit in Kuroji because it has many hot springs in downtown Kagoshima.

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