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Japan Travel: Feeling Happy at Sunport Takamatsu, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan【Travel Japan】

Japan Travel: Feeling Happy at Sunport Takamatsu, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
【★026★Kagawa Takamatsu Sunport Takamatsu】
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Located along the Seto Inland Sea, Sunport Takamatsu is a beautiful, relaxing waterfront promenade that its visitors can enjoy while taking a seaside bicycle ride, tea, or even a business meeting.

With the opening of the Seto Ohashi Bridge in 1988, Takamatsu Port’s role as the main port of entry into Shikoku changed. Though it still provides ferries to nearby islands such as Shodoshima, Naoshima, Megijima and Ogijima, the utilization of car ferries has drastically declined, requiring a change.

Thus, Sunport Takamatsu was born. With ANA Hotel Clement, the Symbol Tower and even JR Takamatsu Station in its vicinity, Sunport Takamatsu is a convenient business and shopping center. Symbol Tower is the tallest building in Sunport Takamatsu. Offices occupy the upper floors with the Maritime Plaza Shopping Center on the lower levels. Visitors can enjoy fine dining here as well. There are three restaurants in the tower managed by the chefs from the popular television cooking show, Iron Chef.

Access Information:
Sunport Takamatsu is a short walk from JR Takamatsu Station.
It is located across the street from Takamatsu Castle.

Takamatsu is a city located in the northeastern part of Shikoku, the center of Kagawa prefecture, the prefectural office of Kagawa prefecture. It is the economic center of Shikoku, it is designated as a core city from the country. It is the central city of the Takamatsu metropolitan area.

The Takamatsu – Toho area in Kagawa Prefecture is an area where contemporary cityscapes merge with nature such as mountains and the ocean. Takamatsu is a gateway to Shikoku, where the redevelopment is progressing modern and cleanliness images around the JR Takamatsu station, a shopping arcade where long arcades are continuing and a public office that is the center of the branch economy.

When going to the suburbs it is a scenic spot which can enjoy yaroshima and history-rich salt river by day trip.

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