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Kotohira-gu Shrine Complex, Kotohira Town, Shikoku Region【Travel Japan】

Kotohira-gu Shrine Complex is located in the Kotohira Town of the Shikoku Region (Kagawa Prefecture). It is one of the largest Shrine complexes in Japan, located 1500 feet on top of Mount Zozu. Enjoy!!!

Konpira Shrine is a shrine that is settled in the middle of the Elephant Mountain of Kotohira Town, Nakadatsu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. It is popularly known as being called Konpira, Kinpiraku Palace, rarely written as Kotohira Temple.

The god of deity is in the elephant mountain and the god of deity worships as a guardian god of the sea, which enshrines both big-life princes and Emperor Shutoku.

The building has been rebuilt, expanded, refurbished and rebuilt several times several times in its present shape.

The stone steps of the approachsteps reach 785 steps up to the main shrine, and the total to 13,668 steps up to Okusha.

The premises are dotted with venerable companies and museums, and the first-class arts and cultural assets are displayed at the treasure hall and the school. Beside the shrines there are many sights such as souvenirs and udon specialties udon noodles, surrounding areas like the former Kimrigalai Stage (Kanemaruza) and high lanterns.