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Beautiful Japan – Japanese Pottery in Tobe, Ehime【Travel Japan】

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Ehime prefecture is one of the prefectures of Japan and is located in the northwestern part of the Shikoku region to the north central part. The prefectural office is located in Matsuyama City.

If you visit Ehime prefecture which is also known as the origin of oranges for sightseeing trips, Dogo Onsen will be a spot that can not be removed. It is said that it has a history of 3000 years in a hot spring resort which is counted as one of Japan’s three oldest hot springs.

There are abundant castles such as Matsuyama Castle, Ozu Castle and Uwajima Castle, so it may be fun to visit the castle.

There are many spots where you can enjoy the natural landscape, such as Ishizu National Monument Park and Ashizura Ukwa National Park.

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