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⑲【絶品 パン屋】尾道 ネコノテパン工場 ◎ぐるり一周旅◎’15 秋【Travel Japan】

Onomichi(尾道) Hiroshima Information Video

安くて 美味しい。雰囲気 も最高の パン屋 さんです ☆行き先 秘密 の、サプライズ 家族旅行。LCC & レンタカー 車中泊 旅。
愛媛 → 尾道 広島→ 山口下関 → 福岡 佐世保 長崎 →熊本 阿蘇 別府


Onomichi City is a city located in the southeastern part of Hiroshima prefecture, almost in the middle Southern part of the Sanyo region.
Facing the Seto Inland Sea, it has been prosperous as a distribution point of distribution by shipping since long ago.
It is famous throughout the country as “the city of slope” “the city of literature” “the city of the movie”.

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