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[Japan 2015 – Episode 10] Enoshima, Kamakura【Travel Japan】

Finally a bright sunny day towards the end of our journey. Today we visit Enoshima and the surrounding areas of Kamakura. A peaceful and relaxing island where many temples can be found along the few hours of walk. We were also able to have Shirasu (baby-anchovy) food which is very famous in this area. Kamakura and Enoshima are a must visit!

Enoshima protrudes from Shonan Coast in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa Prefecture, to Sagami Bay, and is a land-island island. It also refers to the island as a whole.

It is widely known as a sightseeing spot representing the Shonan region, and it is crowded with tourists all year round.

The temple shrines and temples’ attraction · Marine sports · There are plenty of things to do with gourmet and inside the island, and it is a place to enjoy a day even if you visit with family or couple.

There are plenty of seafood dishes using local fish and cafes and restaurants where you can see the sea.

Please check it out!!