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TWO DAYS IN FUKUSHIMA [Part Two]【Travel Japan】

Watch my newest video: “AIZU ADVENTURE Part 1 | Northern Japan Travel” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- The last half of my trip through Fukushima! I decorated a traditional Fukushima toy, tried some famous Awamanju + got a gorgeous view of the Tadami Line train! Would you like to

TWO DAYS IN FUKUSHIMA [Part One]【Travel Japan】

Watch my newest video: “AIZU ADVENTURE Part 1 | Northern Japan Travel” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ✧ Watch the HOTEL TOUR video HERE ▶︎ ✧ FUKUSHIMA Part Two HERE ▶︎–3wpmkHM ✧ BEHIND THE SCENES video from my Fukushima Trip HERE ▶︎ Join me for day

Travel tohoku-fukushima-shimogomachi【Travel Japan】

福島県は東大震災での大変な地方と知られていた。このビデオを通して新しい姿の福島県をみんなさんに届きたいです。下郷町は福島県にある特別な集落です。ここは南会津の建物まだ残っているし、現地の有名なそばがあります。みんなさんもここに来てください。??? Fukushima Prefecture has been known for a very difficulty regional in East Japan Earthquake. We want to send everyone’s Fukushima Prefecture of the new form through this video. Shimogo-machi is a special village in Fukushima Prefecture . Here is to remain still building of

Goshiki numa, Fukushima | One Minute Japan Travel Guide【Travel Japan】

For more information, access, and reviews about Goshiki-numa: The mysteriously changing blue of the marshes. You can view the changes depending on the sunlight and place to see them, and depending on the season, your impressions of them as they melt into the surrounding

Was Fukushima built near an Ancient Stargate?【Travel Japan】

Precise 3-D data on a tomb containing an ancient mural and situated about 3 kilometers from the wrecked Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was being collected on Feb. 9-10. The Kiyotosakuoketsu tomb is in the difficult-to-return zone with high radiation levels due to the

EXPLORING Suicide Forest Aokigahara, Japan ( 青木ヶ原 )【Travel Japan】

Rest in peace to everyone that has died in the forest. CHECK OUT THE NEW SHIRTS/hoodies/sweaters!!! MUSIC: 1st 2nd 3rd FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA facebook = Snapchat = exploringjosh Twitter = instagram = follow the whole exploring with crew !!!

Travel Fukushima Japan, You are already their kevin d. blanch 7/7/12【Travel Japan】

The antidote for all the nuclear, political, culture poising, is POST IGNORNACE, knowledge with strength Fukushiam IS THE greatest nuclear catastrophe in WORD HISTORY right here right now, it is Chernobyl on BALCO — Fukushima Prefecture is one of the prefectures of Japan. Located