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If you want to see lots of sightseeing videos about Ameyoko in Tokyo, click here! When visiting Japan, please refer to places and how-to, for your trip.

☞ Ameyoko Shopping Street in Tokyo♥︎!上野アメ横 – Miranda Ibañez✧*。【Travel Japan】

Ueno Ameyoko Shopping Street 6-10-7 Ueno Taitoku Tokyo 上野アメ横商店街 東京都台東区上野6-10-7 ●PAGINA WEB: ●INSTAGRAM: @miranda_ibanez ●TWITTER: ●FACEBOOK: ●ASK: ●TUMBLR: — Ameyoko is a place in Japan. It is a shopping district that has about 400 shops around 500 meters from JR

Ameyoko Market, Ueno ● アメ横 上野【Travel Japan】

► The “Ameyoko” Market (short for “Ameyayokocho”, meaning “Candy Shop Alley”) is a market that were once famous for selling all kinds of candies and sweets. In present day, it developed into a more traditional market, partly aimed at tourists selling souvenir t-shirts, bags, watches,


After visiting Akihabara electronic town, the next stop was Ueno Ameyoko market. The bad weather meant that the markets closed earlier then expected, but we soldiered on and managed to discover a few small shops and department stores. — Ameyoko is a place in Japan.