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“I’d like to appreciate Kabuki about once …” We are putting together the “basic of Kabuki” for such beginners.

Kabuki Play: “The Medicine Peddler”【Travel Japan】

How to watch kabuki(歌舞伎) Under the direction of Visiting Professor Laurence Kominz, CC students will perform the play, “The Medicine Peddler,” in which a heroic samurai disguises himself as a medicine peddler in order to infiltrate a New Year’s party held by the powerful warlord

Kanjincho【Travel Japan】

How to watch kabuki(歌舞伎) Kanjincho is the Kabuki play which inspired Kurosawa’s “The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tale” (1945). — A way for beginners to enjoy Kabuki ■ “One-seat watching seat” you can appreciate kabuki from the thousand yen level! Kabuki is usually

The Sentimental Plasterer (a domestic kabuki comedy)【Travel Japan】

How to watch kabuki(歌舞伎) Cinema Kabuki presented for the first time in North America in High Definition on the Big Screen Presented by JapanFoundation The Sentimental Plasterer (a domestic comedy) Written and directed for the stage and Cinema Kabuki by Yoji Yamada Recorded live

Oppenheimer – A Noh Play in English【Travel Japan】

How to watch kabuki(歌舞伎) Oppenheimer is a modern Noh play in English about the American scientist, J Robert Oppenheimer, and the development of the atomic bomb, which was dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. It explores issues of guilt, atonement and redemption, but within