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If you want to see lots of sightseeing videos about Kamakura in Kanagawa, click here! When visiting Japan, please refer to places and how-to, for your trip.

Kamakura Japan Travel Guide【Travel Japan】

A travel guide for visiting Kamakura Japan. Kamakura has a rich history of temples and the Daibatsu,aka Giant Buddha. Kamakura is an excellent day trip from Tokyo, with zen temples and shinto shrines that are over 1,000 years old. Check out the “Cool Japan” playlist

Hello, Kamakura.【Travel Japan】

Hello marzipans, the new location I visited this month is Kamakura, Japan! Can’t wait to check out new places in the future and bring you along with me. 😉 ❤HELLO, WORLD. Tokyo: New York: ❤WHERE TO FIND ME Tweet me @MarziaPie Instagram: itsmarziapie

KAMAKURA, JAPAN – travel shorts【Travel Japan】

Kamakura (鎌倉) is a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, less than an hour south of Tokyo. Kamakura became the political center of Japan, when Minamoto Yoritomo chose the city as the seat for his new military government in 1192. The Kamakura government continued to rule

Japan Day 4-Kamakura【Travel Japan】

Our trip to Kamakura during the peek of Golden Week. We visited four different temples, had an amazing lunch and snacks, and saw the beach. — Kamakura is the area that hits the center of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a city where Kamakura