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If you want to see lots of sightseeing videos about Kinkakuji in Kyoto, click here! When visiting Japan, please refer to places and how-to, for your trip.

Ultimate Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) Guide【Travel Japan】

Learn about and travel to the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji), in Kyoto which is part of Kyoto’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic places in Japan! (日本語字幕付き) ►Comment: Do you prefer popular or hidden-gem locations? More info on visiting Kinkakuji: This

The Golden Pavilion Temple | Kyoto, Japan | Wheelee’s Travels【Travel Japan】

Wheelee has her fortune read at The Golden Pavilion Temple Let’s Keep in Touch: Wheelee’s Travels Instagram: Wheelee’s Twitter: Tweets by MissWheelee Wheelee’s Google+: — Kinkakuji is the official name of Rukuji, one of the Temple of the Sokokuji Temple. Shurado “Kinkaku” is