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If you want to see lots of sightseeing videos about Kofu in Yamanashi, click here! When visiting Japan, please refer to places and how-to, for your trip.

Conheça Yamanashi ken – Kofu shi !【Travel Japan】

Yamanashi foi considerada a melhor provincia interiorana para se viver no Japão! Veja um pouco da sua capital Kofu! Viva e trabalhe em Yamanashi! Fale conosco: PIPOLL TRAVEL: Empregos no Japão para descendentes e cônjuges 11 5078-7075 — Kofu city is located in

JAPAN TRAVEL (Yamanashi)【Travel Japan】

In this time of two day journy to Yamanashi prefecture, we forcus on a hot spring resort called Isawa spa,together with visiting a Buddhist temple, a winery at Katsunuma, and the hand-craft center at Lake Kawaguch located at the foot of Mt.Fuji. — Kofu city

HAPPYKOFU from Yamanashi Japan【Travel Japan】

Hello World. We are HAPPY people from Kofu Yamanashi Japan. Inspired by PHARRELL WILLIAMS PHARRELL WILLIAMS VEVO: Direct/Edit Video:KOFU VILLAGE 夏は全国でも一番になるほどの暑さになり、昨季の冬は山梨の観測史上最高記録となる1メートルを超える積雪に見舞われた。街は雪で覆い尽くされて交通をはじめとした都市機能は麻痺。山に囲まれた土地のため、一時は物資供給が途絶え、コンビニのパンすら姿を消した。過去類を見ない経験に何の手だても備えもない僕たちはただ呆然とするばかりだったが、やがて手を取り合って、過酷な状況を乗り切った。厳しい気候と寒暖差の甲府盆地。だけど甲府の街の人たちはいつだってHAPPYに溢れてる。暑い夏は過ぎ、もうすぐまた、冬がやってくる。その前に、この街に生きる喜びを、みんなで分かち合おう。 HAPPY from Kofu. #happycitykofu #happyday #happy — Kofu city is located in the prefecture’s prefectural capital located in central Yamanashi prefecture. The city area

Shousenkyou in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture【Travel Japan】

Here is Shousenkyou in Kofu, Yamanashi-ken. The towering rock formations and trees sprouting forth from them really fills one’s heart with the mysterious beauty of Japan. Seeing these rocks brings to mind traditional ukiyo-e or sumi-e artwork of Japan. — Kofu city is located in

Yamanashi Prefecture (English)【Travel Japan】

Promotion video of the beauty of Yamanashi prefecture – Japan. This video is copyrighted, please contact us if you want to use this video. Yamanashi prefecture is located near the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan. It has an area of 1,723.8 mi2

The town of Ichikawamisato in Japan – Industry and Tourism – English Video【Travel Japan】

The town of Ichikawamisato in Japan TSUMUGI-SPA – Town-Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi, Japan – English Edition Town of Ichikawamisato is located in the southwestern part of Yamanashi Kofu Basin. Its population is approximately 17,000. “Local government for the residents with the theme of aiming for most comfortable