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There are lots of sightseeing videos about Todaiji in Japan! Please refer to it when traveling.

1951: Japanese school kids on field trip visit Nara Temple. TODAIJI, JAPAN【Travel Japan】

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Trip to Nara Park, Todaiji【Travel Japan】

We took a trip to Nara park and visited the famous Todaiji. The deer is the symbol of Nara which attracts many tourists from not only Japan but from other countries. The deers are wild, not domestic. The come down from the mountains to the

Our visit to Todaiji in Nara【Travel Japan】

This is just a video with a few short clips of Todaiji and the Deer in Nara. Also, my husband gets bitten by a deer that is blind in one eye. Hooray! — Todaiji Temple is a temple of Kinko Buddhist mountain in Mujimachi, Nara

NARA! 「奈良市」!!- 9月22日13年~♡ DEER LOVE ♡ TODAIJI と大事「Nara’s famous Temple」 ♡【Travel Japan】

FOLLOW ME: (Watch in High Quality to see the KAWAIIII Deer! かわいいいい!) ❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥❥ FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BettinaStaana INSTAGRAM: BettinaStaana In Nara, deers are considered sacred. They are considered messengers of the gods. This is why although they can be considered a pest in Nara, they

The Japan Trip: Osaka/Nara ep. 2【Travel Japan】

Hello all! thanks for watching! The first week of the Japan trip was spent in Osaka and Nara. The first day was in Nara, where we visited the Todaiji Temple. We then stayed with our individual Japanese host families through the first week. We also