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A video collection introducing how to use SIM card and mobile phone when traveling in Japan! Please use it for sightseeing in Japan.

Travel Tips Japan / Using your cell phone【Travel Japan】

Sorry! My mistake! Big Camera → Bic Camera ごめんなさい!If your own countries’ roaming prices are expensive, you can use this option to get data on your phone while in Japan. Regan explained it in English. He is leaving Japan and will go back to Van

How to get Data for mobile in Japan【Travel Japan】

How to get Data SIm card in Japan! Japan is awkwardly advanced yet backwards at the same time. It’s very difficult, almost impossible to get free Wi-Fi around. The only way to be sure you will have internet for on-the-trip research, GPS maps and SNS

Using Local Prepaid Wireless SIM Cards While Traveling Abroad【Travel Japan】

This video is about Using Local Prepaid Wireless SIM Cards While Mobile phone is essential when traveling in Japan. How do you secure mobile phone? Recently, prepaid SIM launch and rental SIM are becoming active for foreign visitors to Japan. In addition to a

SIM Cards in Japan【Travel Japan】

Another option when coming to Japan is to buy a SIM card and use your phone as you would back home. This can be difficult to do sometimes because it requires you to unlock your smartphone. It’s also quite hard to find places that sell